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Haleh Mashian “FIGURINE” / Mash Gallery

Artist Haleh Mashian at her solo show FIGURINE at Mash Gallery

L.A. Art Documents had the great pleasure to document and interview artist Haleh Mashian about her ongoing show at MASH Gallery, located in Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

Exhibition Figurine by Haleh Mashian presents a diverse collection of contemporary and figural paintings working together to evoke a harmonious narrative. Deeply personal, Haleh’s compositions are painterly reflections fashioned during pinnacle times of her life. Haleh Mashian shares, “Figurine walks inside the mirror of my life.”

Haleh Mashian is also a talented composer and fascinated by the similarities shared between color theory and musical composition. Haleh unites euphony with painterly expression and transcends an emboldened symphony of painterly techniques. Figurine is a visual concert featuring Action Painting, Figural art, and Abstraction.

Figurine entwines three unique painterly themes: Roses, Tears, and the Female Figure. All three motifs represent a twenty-year focus on boldly painting in the moment, working with live models, and incorporating a variety of different mixed media. Curated by Helene Brown of Fresh Paint Art Advisors.

Source: Mash Gallery


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