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Los Angeles-based performance artist Dorian Wood created a most unique buzz during the opening night of the LA ART SHOW. Seeking to “undress and exalt intimacy in a very public setting” Dorian performed NODRISSX/NARCISSX, where the artist sat placed in dark room with a spotlight that highlighted a pearl and fur covered shroud covering their body with one nipple exposed. Members of the public were invited to kneel in front of the artist and suckle upon the breast.

During the performance installation, Dorian vocalized in a hauntingly beautiful and angelic manner alongside a 4-channel soundscape created solely by the artist’s voice.

Dorian’s performance was as part of DiverseArtLA program curated by Marisa Caicholo. Helping attend to Dorian and cleanse the nipple after each guest during the experience was Bryatt Bryant. During the remainder of the LA ART SHOW, a video of the opening night 4-hour durational performance will be projected behind the illuminated cloth, which now lies empty but as testament to the live experience.

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