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DIS CONNECTION / Studio Channel Islands Art Center

Studio Channel Islands Art Center

Camarillo, CA

April 1 - May 27, 2023

Curated by Elana Kundell

Artists: Maria Adela Diaz, Alicia Piller, Nurit Avesar, Arezoo Bharthania, Fatemeh Burnes, Janet Neuwalder, Marthe Aponte, Sigrid Orlet

DIS CONNECTION explores the creative dialog among contemporary artists on the topic of forced displacement. The exhibit includes an inspiring array of artistic materials and practices, large-scale works and never-before-seen installations.

Through porcelain and paint, dried plants and plastic, punctured paper, interactive installations and performance art, these eight women artists employ materiality, abstraction and symbolism to excavate and explore the multi-generational trauma of being torn from home and community.

Themes of vulnerability, identity, “otherness”, relationship to earth and the body, climate change and political/cultural repression weave through the exhibition. Together, the works find poetic language for loss while revealing images of our common humanity. The exhibition will invite viewers to consider the question, “When a sense of place and home is lost, along with the identity built around it, how do people construct a new place and sense of meaning?”


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