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Curator Heather Bowling “PaperWorks Refolded” / Brea Art Gallery

PaperWorks Refolded

July 14 – September 14, 2018

Brea Art Gallery

PaperWorks Refolded is a second in-depth exploration of the potential of paper and the beauty of this underrated material. Artists from all over have been invited to display their skill at folding, tearing, cutting, and crafting to fill the Gallery with tactile, inspiring paper works.

Featuring origami, papercuts, collage, book arts, and everything in between, this exhibit is bound to change the perception of paper as just a writing surface. Interactive origami and collage projects in the exhibit allow visitors to make their very own works of art.

Exhibiting Artists: David Adey, James Allen, Alexis Arnold, Aimee Baldwin, Doug Beube, David Dunleavy, Kiyomi Fukui, Margaret Griffith, Adrienne Heloise, Beth Johnson, Kiel Johnson, Jessie Laura, Bhavna Mehta, Jared Needle, Chris Param, Nikki Rosato, Brian Singer, Leigh Suggs, Camilla Taylor, and JUDiTH+ROLFE.


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