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Betzi Stein / Art World Friends and Strangers / TAG Gallery

Art World Friends and Strangers

Betzi Stein

TAG Gallery, Los Angeles

November 17 - December 11, 2021

"Betzi Stein’s solo exhibition at TAG Gallery, Art World Friends and Strangers is a tour de force of the human spirit. Vibrant colors, realistic and beautifully alive figurative work, along with layers of feeling, are poured into these works of epic portraiture."

- Genie Davis, Art & Cake Magazine

Artist Statement:

My recent series of paintings helps me to deal with the realities of the Art World by turning my critical eye on the people who inhabit it.

People are my muse. My contemporary portrait paintings, sourced from my own candid photos, celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary people who capture my imagination. The spark that begins my creative process is what I find humorous in the people I choose as subjects. Once committed, I combine the formal elements that go into creating a work of art with a spiritual connection that breathes life into the people I paint.

In recent years, I returned seriously to painting the figure, and expanded my oeuvre by welcoming portrait commissions of individuals, families, children and pets. I work in my home studio in the Palms section of Los Angeles, California.


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