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Bakersfield Museum of Art, Kern County, CA

Beyond LA Travel Series

Bakersfield Museum of Art in Kern County, CA

Welcome to another video by LA Art Documents dedicated to highlighting cultural institutions and art museums traveling beyond the borders of Los Angeles.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel if you have not already and stay informed of all the videos when they arrive. Enjoy your tour as we now turn our attention to the Bakersfield Museum of Art, a vibrant center of artistic expression nestled in the heart of California in Kern County.

For over 60 years, their mission has been to inspire and engage diverse audiences by providing a broad spectrum of creative visual arts experiences. From outstanding exhibits to informative educational programs, BMoA has become a cherished cultural hub for the community.

Our visit included the exhibition "Of Rope and Chain Her Bones are Made" which featured the works of nine LA-based women inspired by the ancient Greek poet Sappho, using elemental materials in repetitive acts and rhythmic processes, exploring the relationship between physical strength and fragility.

The exhibition "Rotem Reshef: Vista" showcases the artist Reshef's innovative technique using diluted acrylic paint, made in the summer of 2022 capturing the essence of Bakersfield's natural environment.

The Bakersfield Museum of Art takes great pride in its Permanent Collection, which showcases over 400 pieces of art from the 19th century to the present day, offering a comprehensive survey of art produced in and about California as a testament to the rich artistic heritage of the region.

The museum also pays homage to Marion Osborn Cunningham, an esteemed American Impressionist and Modern artist. Cunningham's artistic legacy shines through her vibrant and captivating serigraphs that gained her national recognition for their dream-like charm and color harmony.

Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the museum's garden. Adorned with captivating sculptures, it offers a serene space where art and nature intertwine.

Now, Enjoy the tour through the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

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