Program TAROT Reading 3 / L.A. Mise-en-scène

Short Review Program: TAROT Reading 3 / Week of September 15-20, 2020.

Please note this program is intended for mature audiences; involves nudity and graphic situations.

Ritual Cycle: Mikdash is from the Ritual Cycle, a series of five experimental films that utilize ambient narrative to explore the concept of divine identity, including the ideas of the feminine divine, the genderqueer divine, and the divine as sibling, through five uniquely crafted rituals. In order to create this immersive, contemplative experience, the project was displayed as an installation, with five viewing chambers built to house the films. Ritual Cycle was a collaboration between composer and designer Scott Arany, stylist Heather Dappolonia, and myself. 

The Ritual Cycle is created to explicitly challenge and expand his art practice. The combined works are explorations (and subversions) of the divine and the human, of ritual, celebration, and the beautifully dark.

Through his work with experimental film and installation, Leslie Foster seeks to create fleeting pocket universes and contemplative ecologies that explore Black and queer futurity through the lens of dream logic. Leslie—who will be pursuing an MFA in Design Media Arts at UCLA this fall—currently serves as the Director of Art Residency for Level Ground and fantasizes about running away with a sea-faring band of nomadic artists. (69 words)

The Theory of Romance features a series of short poems recited on the beach written and performed by retired playwright, Robert Patrick. It’s a delightfully sweet treat that takes some inspiration from the poetic cinema of James Broughton, a touch of vaudeville, and the classical poetic fragments of Sappho. It is purposely out of sync with modern times as well as its dilemmas, but the push and pull of love is timeless.

Robert Patrick began writing verse in college in 1955 and has continued intermittently for 65 years. His poems, romantic or humorous, have been published in many dozens of American magazines. His two books of poems are available at

Music written by Arianna DeSano, aka Odious Ari.

September is a creation from April & Jared, a Husband & Wife team duo that truly represents the Lovers card. It is the ninth video in their 12-part “HAVA Calendar” video art series, where they took up the challenge to make one video a month during the year 2012.

April Hava Shenkman, Comedienne, Performance Artist has been capturing the public’s attention for several decades with her numerous and highly original stage shows. Her comic performance art has been enjoyed by millions on national cable television appearances. Providing wonderment and laughter with enigmatic genius through dadaist jiberish, impersonations, and standup comedy. Bridging the gap between SNL and MOMA.

Jared Whitham Jared Whitham has been cultivating and selling his original style for decades. He considers himself a neo-dadaist post pop non-stylist American artist. Whitham’s work generated an underground cult following through the years. Producing enigmatic paintings, music, films, and performance art. Famous in New York for his UHF tv show broadcast to millions. His paintings, and films are highly sought after by collectors. Whatever Whitham touches turns to gold.

In Walking with a Killer found footage (from The Prelinger Archives) is weaved together and intervened with animation to create the story of a contagion spreading through suburbs and cities. 

Marcos Sánchez is a filmmaker and visual artist from Santiago, Chile. He works in video, animation, painting and drawing.

The Breeders are an American alternative rock band based in Dayton, Ohio

Three Deaths for Cheers explores a rude awakening in this internet and social media age, where a growing number of people are deceased on my own friends list. This video reminisce discusses three ‘friends’ of mine, whom are no longer with us.

Korean American Artist Chuck Hohng was born in Long Beach, California, but spent most of his early life growing up in his family’s native South Korea. He received his undergraduate degree in Fine Art from the University of Southern California, and received his Master of Fine Arts from acclaimed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Not willing to settle on just one form of media, his art pieces run the gambit from incredibly intricate reductive linoleum prints, to giant 10 foot bears composed of drop clothes canvas and balloons, to hauntingly beautiful video imageries.

Man Eater is a collaboration between Caroline Yoo and Kayla Tange. Yoo wears a mask constructed by Tange based on 10 questions answered and sketched by Caroline about inner monster and rewriting of Korean historical myth. Video shot and edited by Tange which incorporates poem written by Yoo, taking back the power lost through ancestral trauma.

Kayla Tange was born in South Korea and adopted by a Japanese American family. Her love for poetry and photography slowly progressed into a conceptual performance practice which incorporates elements of exotic dancing in which physical and psychic boundaries, sexuality, permanence, are recurring themes. She often uses dark comedy in her performance work to explore love and longing, cultural stereotyping and societal taboos, catharsis and fetish.

Caroline Yoo is an artist and archivist performing history. Born to Korean immigrants in Lawrence, Kansas, Yoo’s past informs her work that explores the boundaries between belonging othering and being. Using her body as a vessel, she questions larger topics of power structures and embedded cultural norms in relation to race and gender.

In Prison of Mind life and time get a new meaning for those who wait for the execution of the death sentence. For them it is the question whether life is that true prison and death becomes the liberation from this prison. The metaphorical video reflects the changing values in life during the process of approaching death. 

Agricola de Cologne is a multidisciplinary media artist and curator living and working in Cologne/Germany. Since 2000, he participates in more than 500 festivals and media art exhibitions around the globe.

Soy De Aquí Y Soy De Allá is a portrait of a Mexico created in my memory. It combines pre-hispanic heritage, popular culture with a touch of cosmopolitan country, while mixing images of window shops in Los Angeles. In Mexico City, I grew accustomed to these sounds that now seem precious and rare. The memories of my native country, have been influenced by my residence in the United States. My mind has created a fictional country between two nations where my life unfolds.

Cintia Segovia was born and raised in Mexico City, where she worked in the entertainment industry. Learning English in the US as an adult gave her a unique perspective on the language’s nuances. Segovia employs video, performance and photography in the way the mass media does, using humor and wit to delve into issues of immigration, cultural stereotypes, identity and being bilingual.

Waiting for the Sun represents waiting, hoping, and an expectation for the Sun to emerge from behind the clouds and make us feel warm, safe, happy. The Sun card represents a state of being that is by definition temporary, like illumination, enlightenment, or just ecstatic happiness, but something we all strive for and somehow believe we are entitled to achieve and retain forever.

Based in Long Beach, CA, Jennifer Gunlock has received an MFA at CSU Long Beach in 2003. An artist working primarily in collage and drawing, she has exhibited for over twenty years nationally and in local venues such as Descanso Gardens, LA Municipal Art Gallery, Launch LA, and Angels Gate Cultural Center.

One waits for lightning/Heart of the World are video elements from my ‘installations’ art exhibition. This series sprang from within, shaped by my own story and the way we share and interact today. The video begins with a figure taking on the challenge of climbing an almost endless, Sisyphean staircase. But the journey is worth the reward. The world heart reflects our own cyclical natures, conflating the macro and micro body in a spinning global animation. 

K Ryan Henisey has displayed work throughout California and debuted internationally in China this year. Ryan won an award of excellence in fine art at the 2015 California State Fair. He currently serves as president of TAG Gallery, an artist cooperative in Los Angeles.

The two works by Henisey are edited to the music of Vivian Circle.

TRAVELER is an 18-minute experimental film by Los Angeles-based visual artist and director Vojislav Radovanović. This short, non-narrative film is a poetic and meditative visual storytelling about a pilgrimage through the scenic landscapes of North America. On this pilgrimage, TRAVELER reveals the beauty, fragility and power of nature, as well as man’s influence on the ecosystem. The film was shot at numerous locations in the West Coast and Midwest of the US.  There is a deeper message contained on the Flag itself: it is an original painting created by Radovanović of wild plants, also known as weeds. The Flag represents the beauty, diversity and resistance of nature, reminding us of this critical moment we are engaged in with global climate change and mass extinction. 

Director: Vojislav Radovanović
Videography: (Flourish Project Group) Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović
Music composer: Joseph Carrillo

Vojislav Radovanović (1982. Valjevo, former FRJ/SFRJ – Yugoslavia, Serbia) is a Los Angeles based visual artist, art director, filmmaker and video-journalist with a European background in classical painting, video, theatre, installation, performance and television. Themes of spirituality and environmentalism, as well as the experience of being a recent immigrant in America have very important roles in his art.

Jason Jenn is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist, creating works as performer, writer, visual artist, director, producer, designer, video editor, and curator: an avowed “Protean-of-many-trades”.

Joseph Carrillo is music composer who focuses his talents in the film music industry in Los Angeles. His work can be heard in numerous features, commercials, web series, and short films.