L.A. Art Documents is a unique platform for documentation and internet-based video journal, focused on preserving, promoting, and curating contemporary art in Los Angeles and Beyond.

In this vibrant and busy contemporary art world with multiple shows happening daily, it is of tremendous value to create proper documentation to archive the work for future prosperity.

As professional artists with backgrounds in media and journalism, we understand firsthand the importance of having high-quality, reliable documentation of gallery shows, exhibitions, live performances, and studio visits. We aim to help artists share their authentic spirit in a stylish, clean, media-friendly manner that they feel proud of, representing who they are and what their work is all about. The videos are made available online via our website video journal and YouTube channel.

Our second and third, but not less important missions, are promoting and curating the flourishing art scene of Los Angeles and Beyond. L.A. Art Documents is one window in a grand showroom for the world to experience the cultural renaissance and diverse artistic strength of Los Angeles’ creatives.

Thank you for supporting us in our endeavor to help create better visibility of the contemporary LA Art scene.

LAAD is run and curated by multimedia artists Vojislav Radovanović and Jason Jenn.