Exhibition June 22 – August 31, 2019 (extended run)

Loft at Liz’s explores technology in its 12th annual exhibition of Diverted Destruction, which features works comprised of found objects – discarded and repurposed trash items which would otherwise be bound for landfill.  The exhibition contains a special “found-object” giveaway installation by curator Liz Gordon, where visitors are welcome to take home items for use in their own creations.

Featured artists: Debby & Larry Kline, Dave Lovejoy, Liz Mamorsky, John Peralta, Joanna Szachowska – Tarkowska, Monica Wyatt.
See a selection of images in the gallery below.

For more information, please visit: http://www.theloftatlizs.com/

(Image above – detail work from John Peralta’s “Hello”)

A room filled with items to take away and reuse
Debby & Larry Kline use LED to relight columns made from dead fluorescent tubes and styrofoam and did a photo series exploring how tubes light up in electro-magnetic fields
Works by Monica Wyatt create unique assemblages from a variety of materials
John Peralta dissects a first edition Apple Macintosh computer Model M001 (c. 1984) and creates miniature figures interacting within the world for his work “Hello”
The signatures of the Apple designers are inscribed in the computer’s original shell
Works by JJoanna Szachowska – Tarkowska mixed media collages
Works by Joanna Szachowska – Tarkowska of cables wrapped on burnt books explore the way technology has usurped our attention from reading actual books
David Lovejoy’s art turns cameras and other tech items into fantasy models
And old digital cameras are all washed up by cell phones in Lovejoy’s Laundry series
A selection of Liz Mamorsky’s “Artbots” series gives new life to computer parts