Palm Springs Art Museum
Brave New Worlds: Explorations of Space
June 1, 2019 — December 15, 2019

Motivated by the legacies of Southern California as a place of artistic experimentation, a site for self-fulfillment, and a geographic zone of light and natural resources, these artists use their distinctive spatial languages to construct worlds that both challenge convention and ignite our senses. Projects include those by Kelly AkashiGisela ColonVictoria FuKaren Lofgren, and Adee Roberson, with works that represent each artist’s understanding of our bodily connection to the world that surrounds us.

The museum’s grand galleries are divided into discrete installations, each with a constellation of tactile textures, vivid colors, and soundscapes comprising a creative cosmology. Akashi composes installations from glass, metal, and wood with surprising contrasts that emphasize the visual magic of natural forms. Colon has developed a vocabulary of organic minimalism, breathing life-like and light-filled qualities into reductive forms. Fu uses film and video to create colorfully textured installations that expand the narrowness of contemporary vision into physical space. Lofgren’s sculptures represent human relationships between cultural systems, medicine and wellness, and nature. Robersonweaves archival images, sonic elements, and the aesthetics of Afro-Caribbean diaspora into her sculptural paintings and performances.